Monday, February 15, 2010

::Black Cat Bistro & Basia Bulat::

Wow, that's a lot of 'B's. . .
Aidan and I spent a rare evening out this Saturday enjoying great food, music and company. We'll call it our Valentine's date, although it was really a happy scheduling coincidence.

I have a not-so-secret list of restaurants I want to try in the city. We have eaten at very few of them but we can now cross one off the list. The Black Cat has evolved over its many years in Ottawa. But we were pleased with its current state of being. Josh and Karin joined us for a truly delicious meal there. There were tastes that were very new to me: golden caviar, caper berry, creme brule. And the atmosphere was lovely. I wanted to take the leaf-silhouette pendant lights home with me.

The music was a wonderful surprise. We attended this concert never having heard the band before. But her beautiful voice and amazing skills on a large variety of instruments won us over. It was especially infectious when the audience, deeply in tune with her music, began simultaneously clapping out quick beats to certain songs. Clearly they knew her music well. There is nothing quite like great live music pulsing through you.

A fabulous evening of the senses. Although the chill of the wind I could
have done without.