Saturday, February 13, 2010


Last night I had my first snowboarding lesson. Kim was a very patient instructor. She actually stayed perched with me part way up the bunny hill all night. We just hiked up and down and talked for 20 minutes between runs. We figure that, in future, we should just find someone with gear in my size and practice on a local snow hill. Cheaper.

It turns out I'm "goofy." Most people lead with their left foot and carve with their right, but when asked which foot I would lead with if I were to run and slide across some ice I had to say right. And sure enough, that's the way I instinctively wanted to go down the hill. I feel special--in a left-handed writer kinda' way. The other odd discovery is that I needed to strap on my board, then flip over onto my stomach and start backwards. It's all about comfort. And since Kim has never taught anyone to do this before she just went with it, good-naturedly.

After we were chilled to the bone, we came back here for some hot chocolate. And the best part of all was my morning discovery that I didn't ache all over. Maybe I wasn't working hard enough?