Monday, November 23, 2009

::Green Whirlwind::

hange of plans. As always. . . I posted HERE that the basement would be white and orange, but kept coming back to my curiosity about black walls. I couldn't help but wonder what that would look like. I figured it would make things more cozy down there, and be far less likely to need scrubbing. So, we made a complete switch to black. The ceiling is black, with plans for black and silver tin panels to cover the plumbing pipes. The floor is black--painted right onto the concrete. The walls are black for the first four feet, and will be given a wainscoting shortly. Lots of dark paint. That being said, I accented with a lemongrass green that breaks up the black and makes for an amazing contrast.

Before taking the plunge, I played with my photo program to come with the most sloppy attempt at a black and green "pub" look:

For more inspiration:

Then we went for it:

More of a lemongrass colour, than green. We are happy with it. I will post more pictures as the room progresses. What excites me most is that the TV, and all the toys, are now off the main floor. That means there is now a room available upstairs for all of my craft supplies. . . but that is a project for another day.