Monday, November 02, 2009

::Coyote problem::

e are having a bit of a coyote problem out here. What I find most disturbing is this one travels alone. They are pack animals, aren't they? This guy has been hanging around for a month or so, howling outside living room windows, terrorizing chickens and horses, and coming WAY too close to people. A few days ago he came out into the road in front of Aidan and the dogs. I guess he was smart enough to know he was outnumbered and slunk back into the field. But I wouldn't have had the advantage this morning if I had been much farther from home.

I had popped on the headphones and jogged down the road. Normally I am so preoccupied with the music and finding my pace that I don't really look around. I did today, and saw one big brown coyote barrelling across the neighbours field right at me. I know you are supposed to holler and be aggressive, but yeah right! I turned and sprinted as fast I could back down the road. He made it to the edge of the field before I lost track of him, and by then I was near enough to home that our dogs were barking and whimpering.

Aidan wasn't nearly as alarmed as I was, having grown up with coyotes on all sides, but I will never be comfortable with wild dogs running towards me. Time to pull out the treadmill. No more early morning jogs in the fresh air for me!