Sunday, November 01, 2009

::All dressed up with somewhere to go::

ress-up time. . .

This year Elijah went as a highway. I have no idea where the idea came from, I just thought it up out of a necessity to keep things cheap. I dug up black clothing, painted and taped, then wired toy cars in the appropriate spots. His back actually read; "100 km." Everyone got such a kick out it.

Caelah was a daisy. Wire and tissue are favourite craft materials of mine, so I fell comfortably back into using them for costume construction. Caelah sacrificed yet another hairband for the costume and we came up with a very pretty lightweight headpiece. I attached a dragonfly for embellishment. And we made leaves for her wrists and shoes. She was unimpressed, the evening of the 31st, when she had to stuff a coat under her green top to keep warm. I tried to convince her to wear her coat over the costume and not worry about it. She insisted, however, that "flowers HAVE to have GREEN stems." Sigh.

Two homemade costumes was my limit. Gabriel was happy to slip into a clown costume donated by a friend. He looked adorable, and knew it. At one house I overheard the woman at the door tell him he was a really cute clown. "Yes, I am," Gabriel agreed, as he trotted away.

Another night of dress-up and candy--LOADS of candy.
KitKat anyone?

{::Dad's yearly pumpkin-carving masterpiece::}