Tuesday, August 04, 2009

::Settling In::

I have been so blessed with support and help this last time 'round. Annorah and I came home to a quiet house, and were promptly joined by my friend from Kingston for a whole week! She has been doing laundry, dishes, heavy lifting, scrubbing my shower. . . At this moment she is out doing groceries.

Annorah has been a textbook baby. She asks for food about every three hours, and sleeps in between. She gifts me with very awake moments-- just staring out at the world. I am completely infatuated.

The big test came with the arrival home of our four older kids. How would they adjust? Early days, but I was very relieved to see Isaiah scamper over to Norah and gently rub her head. (He also poked her eyes, but we can work on that.) It was VERY challenging to nurse Norah, however, because Isaiah wanted on my lap. He dissolved into huge gasping sobs when I tried to keep him off. I made a compromise-- him up on top of both Norah and I, using her as his pillow. It took a bit of arm strength to keep his full weight off her, but she didn't complain.

Wow. All five are here and learning to accommodate one another. And, of course, I am doing a lot of adjusting myself. Thankfully I have people around me making the process a smooth as can be.