Tuesday, August 25, 2009

::Boats, Balls & Baptisms::

very busy weekend. We packed up the whole family for our annual weekend at the Prince's cottage. This year we had to cut the weekend short, but we made good use of the time we had: swimming, boating, tubing, lounging, game-playing, eating, laughing, staying up WAY to late. . .

Back home we celebrated Mom and Dad's 35th anniversary in a very cozy way: finger food and a slide show. The kids and I were thrilled to see Aidan as a baby. In many of the photos it looked like Gabriel was staring back at us.

Sunday was Annorah's baptism. She wore the gown that was first worn by the eldest of Mom Van Dyk's sisters. It has, since, been sprinkled with many baptismal waters.

Sunday afternoon is usually spent at "Grammie and Grandpa's." Grandpa decided he need to begin training his grandson to catch a football and throw a perfect spiral.

Go, go, go. . . and loving it.