Thursday, January 22, 2009

::Where we're going this weekend::

We had such a wonderful time. There is a feeling of warmth that envelops me when I step into the central lounge. It took me aback as forcefully as it did the first time. My senses never managed to get their fill. Throughout the weekend Aidan and I kept returning, just to curl up on a couch and bask in the comfort of the wood, fire and beauty. The space took on an extra warmth because the Christmas boughs and sparkling lights were still strewn across every balcony from the holidays. Apparently, they were set to come down this coming week. I am so glad we didn't miss them.
Also, perhaps because I am now a mother, I was very aware of the large number of kids that were frolicking about. More often than not their small feet were fitted with fuzzy slippers, or they were still in their crinkled pj's. It was such a good thing to see. And it took the snobbery out of the air. In the evening, as I was tucked against Aidan, wearing my sweatpants and cradling a Latte, I overheard a lady speaking to her girlfriends; "Oh, let's go get into our comfortable clothes and come back. We can have a pyjama party!"
Sequels, are often a disappointment, but this stay surpassed our last experience by far. The sparkling excitement of the honeymoon visit was replaced by a deep-rooted comfort and joy, both in the familiar surrounding we felt we fit in, and in a blessed marriage that has twined us seven years closer together.

Hey, it's been 7 years. . .