Tuesday, January 20, 2009

::Seven Years::

Aidan and I have been married seven years, as of yesterday. It really is a beautiful number. I wonder if I have adopted a love for it because God seems to hold it in such high regard in the scriptures? I don't know. But we have danced our way through these precious days. There have been so few hardships and so many blessings placed at our feet. A glorious beginning to our lives together.

I have heard that those early years are usually the hard ones, as a couple settles into one another. Really? I can't help but view these as the easy years. Or, rather, the lightness-of-heart years. Young children bursting with newness and need for us. Fresh beginnings and a forgiving places to land our mistakes and re-try, re-learn, push forward. Youth. Energy. Eagerness to get up and go. Grabbing the world and shaking out it's treasures.

I look ahead, and refuse to put on those rose-coloured glasses. There are darker times to come. There will be grown children, pushing against their parameters. Why don't they need me anymore? There will be loss and hurt, as people depart or break away. There will be restlessness and unreasonable desires and discontent. There will be a battle between us and our bodies. Beauty fading; aches surfacing. God will teach us things we don't want to learn, and it will hurt.

But today is our day of blessing.

You have placed me in green pastures.
You lead me beside quiet waters.

And David has more words.
Words for those later, harder years aswell. Words that remind us that even our dark days are flooded with the light of hope:

Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.