Friday, January 04, 2008

New Years 2008

An after dinner gathering of 12. Sleeping gear piled in clusters around the house. Mountains of food heaped on the kitchen island: fresh cinnamon roles, croissants, cheese spreads, roasted peanuts, chocolate fondue with fresh fruit, mulled cider on the stove. . .

A bonfire in the snow. Warm enough to entice most of us out of the cozy house for awhile to bask in the glow.

An evening of games and chatter. Midnight came and went without much fanfare because we were too busy enjoying one another. Besides, this day will be much the same as the last no matter what year we've ushered in because each day is what you make it. And our days are full to the brim with good things. Drifting off to bed in ones and twos on couches, mattresses and floor without much of a thought about comfort because 2:00 a.m demands sleep no matter what the available surface.

A morning full of bleary-eyed wake-ups, plenty of food and Happy New Years send offs.