Monday, April 16, 2012

::Opening the floodgates::

Aidan and I hope to become foster parents within the next month or so. I have waited to put this in print because the process is riddled with uncertainties, and undefined time-lines. We're nearly at the finish line-- or, more accurately, the starting line-- so I'm opening the floodgates of communal prayer.

We are in the midst of completing a lengthy checklist that stands between us and our first child. The list has been the hardest hoop we've had to go through. By a mile. Training and home visits have been nothing but a wisdom-deepening blessing. But the list. . .

Some of the items have included police checks, full physicals (ugh!), detailed reference checks, locks on cabinets, railings installed, purchasing equipment with valid expiration dates, water tests and on and on it goes.

Our outstanding to-do's are dragging our enormous dogs to the Vet for expensive shots. A last railing has to be installed. The unfinished part of our porch needs to be blocked off. And I have yet to track down a mattress that properly fits the new crib we bought.

Along the way, we have been walking and talking with God with our palms up. It's all so big and unknown. I have asked Him to provide whatever we need, because we just don't have the means of acquiring any of it ourselves. He has been so faithful. One of the gifts He gave us was this:
Twelve seats. We were aiming for nine. Makes me wonder what kind of expansion He has planned for our family. Admittedly, the vastness of the task and the vehicle intimidate. But encouragement continues to come. We found this on the back of the van when we took it home: