Thursday, April 19, 2012

::Offending Beets::

Beets and I have come to a recent understanding. I tolerate their earthy, foreign taste for the sake of those all-important antioxidants, but I juice them and drink 'em down quick. Clearly, they don't feature in any of my dinner menus. This partly explains why my daughter reacted the way she did this weekend. But, only partly. The rest can only by chalked up to the Fall.

The girls were staying at our friends' home while we were away. They are beet-eating types. (You know, the types who will outlive us all.) As the beets were being chopped up for a salad, Norah was offered a sample. I've worked hard to train my kids to never turn anything down before they've tried it at least once. Annorah dutifully took the beet. I mean, they're really pretty and pink, just the thing to catch a girl's eye. But apparently, after just one little nibble she, rather conspicuously, made her way over to where her two year-old friend was sitting and popped the offending bit down the front of her shirt. It's particularly funny because the actual garbage was right next to her. It's almost like she mistook the two.

It was one of those times where something had to be said. Like; "Norah, you can't just go around stuffing beets down people's shirts," but, giggling around the words of a rebuke sort of defeats the purpose. Besides, Norah's little friend is no worse for wear. Apart from the little pink stain still remaining on her belly.