Thursday, March 15, 2012

::The things March Breaks are made of::

Creativity and frugal planning patched together our March Break. The kids managed a few really impressive things without any help from me. One was a bouquet of tissue paper-flowers. They turned out beautifully, and were made just in time to brighten up a lunch we were hosting. Also, Caelah baked, and baked, and baked. I should start her on cookery. Its the open flame that makes me uneasy in that case.
I also happened to spot a program at one of our local libraries called Hug-A-Tree. No, not that kind of tree-hugging. It was about wilderness survival. The kids loved it, and toted home a bag full of life-saving goodies. I spotted something in the kit that totally pressed my inner random button; an orange keep-warm baggy. I kept taking mental snapshots of three little orange hershies kisses with faces, huddled in the woods. "Ooooh, put it on! Put it on!" I begged. Three sober-looking faces looked back at me. "Mom. These are not toys. This is serious." Sheesh. This man, evidently, takes this baggy very seriously:
C'mon. It's funny, no?
Wonderful friends and family have occupied the rest of our time quite nicely.