Tuesday, March 06, 2012

::Kid Chronicles::

Snack time around here can sometimes be a scavenger hunt. The ease with which we decide on a snack menu depends on whether or not I have done the groceries in the past two weeks. Today, there was great excitement at the discovery of frozen peas in the freezer! I am baffled. First, because I despise peas. And second, because it is a great mystery we have any to begin with.

Elijah came home yesterday with a delightful Play-Doh creation. It was promptly demolished by his little sister, but we reconstructed it as best we could. Below the large snowman he had inscribed his name. And below the tiny snowman he had written his friend’s name. He said that his friend needed to be represented in his art because; "He's a magician too." (?) While I refrained from asking for clarification regarding the 'magician' bit, I did wonder aloud about the size difference between the two magic-wielding snowmen. Ego-much? "I just ran outta white Play-Doh." K.
Isaiah turned four on Saturday. He got a Lego firetruck to add to our growing collection of Lego.