Thursday, February 23, 2012

::Tea Time: Vanilla & Strawberry Napoleons

These made it only our Valentine's Day menu, but we'll revisit them again and again and again between now and next February. They were quick to make, but look and taste fancy-pantsy. Perfectly deceptive. I got the recipe from "Afternoon Tea" by Susanna Blake.

Basically, all you need is a good vanilla custard, yes, with vanilla beans. Costco sells them. Note: Store your vanilla beans in an airtight container and check on them. They can go all funky on you:

Once you have your custard, prepare your puff pastry according to the package. I cut mine into small rectangles but I've seen these in the shape of hearts or circles.

Toss some sliced strawberries in a bit of sugar and Grand Marnier (optional.)
And then assemble! Note: Don't assemble these too far in advance or they will grow soggy, and they just won't do.