Thursday, January 12, 2012

::Toe-sucking fragility::

I don't think about the fragility of the human body very often. Never, actually. Unless, of course, I'm sick, then my world falls apart. Mostly, though, I have taken the health of my family for granted. We're from 'sturdy stock,' I tell myself.

Truth is, we are never ever very far from completely shattering. A breath away. Yesterday Annorah was only a step away from good health and a fractured clavicle. One step and now she's wincing every time I pick her up the wrong way. She skipped the last step of the stairs and now there is a crack in one of her shoulder bones.

There is a balance here somewhere. Live boldly, but be ready to break. Such a short sentence. So difficult to grasp.

Not much grappling with the big questions over here though. Just some toe-sucking and lots of cookies.