Monday, January 23, 2012

::How to make Chemistry fun::

I did not love chemistry. It grew to be a little too much like Math for my taste. However, all the memorization bits were ok. I said 'ok,' not fun. But what if it could be?
Make anything edible, and it gets more interesting:

Mmm. Ununtrium Cookie.

Yes, the entire Periodic Table of Elements in Sugar Cookie-form. I take ownership of the nerdiness required to actually bake and decorate this many cookies. But, I can not take ownership of the idea:
Not-So-Humble-Pie. {And she did it so much better.}

At the moment. 118 cookies+ are stored in the freezer. Each day, for snack, we'll pull a few out and read about them in these books:


This book is a gem. He's clearly a very bright man, who insists of splashing each page with humour.

"When not lounging in a hot tub, bromine can sometimes be found sleeping with children. Wait, wait, it's not what you think. Organic bromine compounds. . . are added to childrens' synthetic-fiber pajamas as a flame-retardant." p.91 "The Elements" by Theodore Gray

"Really, people should stop thinking of cubic zirconia as fake diamond and start thinking of diamond as overpriced cubic zirconia. There is no real difference in how pretty they are-- that's just the imagination fueled by having paid way too much for a plain, colourless rock." p.101 "The Elements" by Theodore Gray