Monday, May 09, 2011

::While he was gone::

While Aidan was away {on a beach in the Dominican Republic}. . .

. . . we played dress up.

. . . we bashed a few teeth loose.

. . . my dear friends babysat me.

. . . And we all survived. He swooped back home to give me a beautiful Mothers' Day:

Apple & brie crepes-- take note of the star cut-outs.

My kids made me the most intricate cards with multiple tiny envelopes, all filled with money from their piggy banks. I think they handed me over about $20 between them. This was extremely sacrificial of them, as I have observed their gleeful deposits over the years. {I will discretely tuck their money back into their jars when I get a chance.}

A Happy Day
to all of you beautiful women!