Thursday, February 10, 2011

::Winter Picnic::

The idea began with one irresistible picture. Followed close behind by a menu. Next, I broke the news to the man who would later learn he had to haul wood on an old toboggan across the field next door through 3 feet of snow. "So, hon, I thought we could go on a winter picnic this weekend." Aidan; "Yeah? Cool."

Saturday arrived. The weather could not have been more beautiful. Blue sky, crisp snow, warm sun. The obstacles were many, deep snow v. small legs being the primary issue, but the stunning experience far outweighed.

The food proved to be weather-appropriate and delicious. The sun allowed us to shed hats, mitts, coats. The kids took advantage of the climbing tree on the far bank of the river. My skis carried Annorah and I far into white fields. I am already grieving the arrival of spring.

Gourmet picnic fare. Chillable & Toastable.
The long, deep pathway to the river.
A cookfire awaits!
Hazardous winter-weeds.
A frozen river to explore.

Snowball fight! This ended badly for me. Elijah landed one squarely down my shirt. Brrrrr!

Tiny river-steps.
The homeward haul. . .