Tuesday, February 08, 2011

::Snowflakes that Last::

When I first began putting together all of the material for my first year as a teacher, the subjects that excited me most were Handicrafts and Nature Study. I promptly shunted them off to the side and tackled other things. It's time to go back to the things I love.

We studied snow! And, (I say this with great giddiness), we caught a snowflake! I don't just mean on our mittens. I mean we sprayed a sheet of acetate with lacquer, caught a snowflake and viewed it under a microscope, once it's impression had solidified! I did a happy dance! Cae and I feel like super-scientists now. Beautiful stuff!

Here is a the sheet we will be using to chart temperature and crystal formation:
Our observations were textbook perfect! It was 1 degree Celsius, and the crystals were large, feather-like stars. The warmer the air, the more moisture, the larger the crystal, and the more intricate the pattern. The coldest days produce the tiniest and simplest crystals.

Here are some snow must-reads: