Wednesday, December 01, 2010

::Bright Bobble & Fairy Flakes::

et the decorating begin!

When it comes to Christmas decor, I am very picky. I am more about colour and texture than snowmen and Santas. I have a passion for spherical objects, so Christmas balls are to be found absolutely everywhere in my house this time of year. And no matter how much I try to wander from the same warm colour profile, I always come home to orange & fuchsia. I am simply awash with orange and fuchsia balls!

A first this year: I attempted a handmade wreathe. We had to trim our tree significantly this year, and I just couldn't waste them! I have no idea how one is supposed to make a wreathe. I just stuck branches here and there and twisted wire in the places I felt they were needed. Then I popped a few more lovely balls onto it and stuck it on the door with some Lee Valley magnets. {I love those things!}

Also new-- we suspended some old windows above our half-walls! I have wanted to this for awhile now and finally convinced Aidan to do it. He thinks it's ridiculous. Now that they are up, I have no regrets. I love it. It means we can do festive things like sticking hand-cut snowflakes all over them!