Tuesday, May 05, 2009

::Two Fires::

I love to tidy.

I tidy my home compulsively, and usually with a sense of great satisfaction. This spring, I have been investing energy in tidying our great big mess of a property. Great piles of gnarled roots and twigs have been yanked onto the wheel barrow and piled into one intentional heap. How many trips back and forth? 40-ish How many spiders, {gasp!} dropped from the dry branched to hang in front of my face? 20, or so. How many scratches do I now have on my hands and arms? Over 50. SO worth it. I love the sound of dirt and food bits being sucked up into the vacuum, but I LOVED the sight of all of that mess being burned. I think I'm a pyro. Thanks for passing on the gene, Dad.

The kids took advantage all of this by inhaling over ten toasted marshmallows each, and smearing soot all over their faces and clothes--unintentionally, but inevitably--and staying up way later than is normally acceptable on a school night.

Long after the kids were tucked into bed, Aidan and I perched on the lid of the well and looked up at the stars, unwinding and rejoicing in this piece of land that is ours to enjoy... and to tidy!