Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New mornings

Yesterday was a bad day; or, perhaps, a good day made bad by me. I suspected the latter to be true as Caelah sat upon my lap this morning and I said to her; "Are we going to have a better day today?" "What do you mean?" "Well, yesterday was so so hard." "No it wasn't. It wasn't hard."

There was glass broken. Glass stepped on. High-pitched screechy fights; the kids, of course. Spilled milk, I very nearly cried over. A few seriously explosive diapers. Miscommunications. Regretful words. And just a general sense of failure. I felt like a horrible mother and wife yesterday.

While we mom's tend to carry a mantle of guilt upon our shoulders most days, I think I wore it legitimately yesterday. I hadn't read the Word. Hadn't prayed. Didn't pause before action or speech. I just whirled and raged like a hurricane all day long. Ugh. Tiring as it is being a hurricane, sleep doesn't come quickly for the guilty. Please Lord, fill me up so I can be who I'm supposed to be.

I spotted the above offering on the dining room table this morning. "Mommy, we have something for you. You're going to like them." A handful of wilting wildflowers brought to me yesterday, yet not fully appreciated until now. . . New mornings come; an array of choices before us with which we shape the day. I want to make this day as beautiful as God intended it to be.