Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day::Two

{Red Trillium found on Caelah's "Wildflower Expedition" with Oma::Roasted potato wedges::BBQ Beer Can Chicken}
{Fresh Fruit Tart::Red Ale home brew}
{Handmade Frame by Aidan & I::Pink Roses for me from Mom::Brown Lilies on White}
To see the FRAME in more detail *CLICK*

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to have Mom and Dad Van Dyk out for a BBQ Mother's Day celebration. We hunted for wildflowers in the forest, lounged on our big back porch, and smelled the mouth-watering aroma of a fresh farm chicken being roasted beer-can style on our BBQ. If you have never tried this, please do. The bird looks absurd; like it's standing at attention on the grill, but as it is "smoked" with cedar chips it becomes infused with flavour and ends up SO tender, with the crispiest skin. Mmmmm. Aidan & I were even surprised with an early birthday present: A cooking class in June. The session is called "Gourmet BBQ." Can't wait!