Thursday, June 12, 2014

::DAY 13: Pretzels & Falconry::

We finally reached the point in our trip where it was time to slow right down. Slowing down looked a lot like pretzels & falconry. All week long I'd seen pretty twisted dough in the windows of local bakeries, but we never took the time to stop. The time had come.

As for the birds, they were a town over at Schillingsf├╝rst Castle. I've seen bird shows before. But there was something about seeing falconry done in the courtyard of an old castle. Bonus: Animals can't really be scripted. When Yanis the falcon refused to come down from the roof, and Vania the vulture flew off course and landed just shy of the lap of an elderly woman across the way, my day felt complete.
The town of Feuchtwangen is home to an amazing collection of German folk art. I was inspired by how much effort went into making every day things beautiful, from the hand-painted furniture, to the ornate cake tins, to the impossibly details cookie molds.