Monday, November 11, 2013

::Paper Kites & Cobblestone::

This weekend we went to see The Paper Kites in Montreal. I took the time to careful choose a small hotel and food spots worth the money. It could not have been a more pleasant and tasty getaway for two melancholy souls.
To Stay: All we needed was a room. Not the pool or the room service-- or the extra cost that goes with them. This tiny hotel was just right. A cozy, beautiful room of our own and a door key. That's it. Perfect.

Food Spots: "O + g" or Olive et Gourmondo is a bakery that is always full. It opened at 8:00 a.m, we arrived about 30 minutes later and there was already a lineup. We ordered every pastry on the menu, plus breakfast... Brassero Hardi was another win. The quantities were startlingly large, but we didn't complain because the quality didn't suffer for it. And the owner was very attentive and chatty.
The Music: The venue was in the middle of nowhere, and nothing special. But the music made up for it. I had never heard of the opening band Reuben and the Dark, but I'm sold. And the Paper Kites did that lovely melodic thing they do. So pretty.