Saturday, March 30, 2013

::A note about passion::

In beat-up yellow notebook, I wrote down something very true thirteen years ago, when Aidan and I were first getting to know each other:
Aidan taught me something about myself yesterday. Passion itself is a good thing, but can be manifested in such  way that it becomes a bad thing. He describes my passion as beautiful, strong and true, but says I throw it all into one thing, which blinds me to everything else. It does spill out of me. . . Problem: I suck people down with me when that whirlwind of excitement moves on to the next thing. I have no balance. I have no level-headed ability to organize and deal with my passions wisely and in good time. I fly into things-- but fly out of them as well. I was humbled when Aidan said; "I have passion as well. I just don't show it the same way.
The man was right. At the bottom of the page I wrote;
Titus 3:3 . . . enslaved by . . . passion. I can't be enslaved.