Thursday, November 22, 2012

::Night Fairy::

e spend a lot of time in the car. And that much time in a confined space does funny things to the kids. They find all sorts of creative ways to poke and prod and make each other yowl until I nearly steer off the road. So, audiobooks. I just keep them coming. This latest one was a surprise. I thought it would be decidedly girly, and cause my boys to protest. The silence in the backseat(s) suggested utter enchantment.

Which was confirmed when the last chapter came to a close and I heard a sigh drift up and over quiet heads. Five minutes later, another sigh.
Gabriel: "I just can't stop thinking about that book."
"You want to fly don't you?" I guessed. Because that's what I'd been thinking myself as we heard about our fairy-friend's adventures on the back of a hummingbird.
"Yeah. On a bat. That would be so fun."