Saturday, August 04, 2012

::Lake Anna::

Our last big trip with the kids was a 22 hour trek across several states to visit cousins in Atlanta. This time we met them part way in Virginia. A family reunion of sorts. There remains an ache in me for having left them.
 {Pit stop at the Donath's in Syracuse the first night. It was all about the trampoline for the kids.}
We spent the week at Lake Anna State Park. Each family had their own air-conditioned cabin, without which we may not have survived beyond the first hour. And every few cabins had docks, off of which we swam, despite the NO SWIMMING signs. The beach was too hot, and too far away, and too full of whistle-blowing lifeguards.

Lake Anna's wildlife offerings: One poisonous copperhead that was bashed in and beheaded by our cousin. A red fox that streaked across Connor's feet sending him sprawling. A large snorting, snuffling, branch-snapping creature behind Justin and Grace's cabin that remained unidentified. We can't forget the brain-eating amoeba's. And there lurked in the back of our minds the tale of the rabid beaver.

 {Some photo cred. to Justin and Grace. Thanks!}
There were 18 children between us, and they wandered like little nomads from cabin to cabin. On the snack trail. Because eating and swimming is really what we concentrated on that week. We threw in a games night here and a colossal water balloon fight there. And the restless among us would up and escape to Fredericksburg.
There was talk of moving the reunion Northward in two years. The heat and the killer wildlife may have been a factor. But I was there for the people, so in the words of Ruth; "Where you go, I will go," my dear cousins of the South.