Thursday, May 03, 2012


How sad it is when people only hear about God's blessing, but never experience it, because they are not in the place where God can bless them." ~Warren Wiersbe "Be Committed"

Naomi was in the fields of Moab when she heard that the famine had lifted in her homeland. This was a welcome shift in circumstances for her. She'd lost her husband and sons, and she wanted to go home. She packed up her possessions and started down the road to a place of blessing-- a nation sheltered under the wings of God's covenant. But we soon learn that that there was no blessing waiting for her there. Not because the land was no longer God's. Not because her neighbours didn't call out greetings. Not because she "was empty," and had nothing left-- her daughter was close at her side. But because her heart and mind weren't open to receiving the blessing of what she had. Somewhere along the way, from the graves of her men to the borders of Bethlehem, she had allowed her heart to become encased in bitterness. A hard shell to crack, that Mara.

Ruth was a different sort, altogether. If Naomi was making a trek towards circumstantial blessing, than Ruth was walking away from it. Worldy-speaking, Ruth was removing herself from the benefits of being accepted in her own culture and family, to a place where she was not welcome. Moab, God's "washpot," had a blighted history with Israel. She knew that she was walking into a land that would likely offer her no husband, or inheritence, or kindness. But she was wide open to the blessing of simply belonging to Naomi's God. He was enough for her. This was a girl who was completely and utterly blessable.

My mom has always said I am my own worst enemy. I know it's true. I often strip myself of the contentment that's available to me in heaps. But there is a fresh fire in me to put all that behind and walk in the warmth of blessing. God was enough for Ruth. Him alone. Imagine a life lived that way? No more dashed expectations, or loneliness, or injured pride, or yearnings for more of who knows what. Full. To the brim. With the blessing of Him.