Saturday, October 01, 2011

::Life Tidbits::

Just an update. I broke our second camera lens. The fancy one. So, without photos I have stubbornly refused to post. God was gracious, and a friend passed along two old Canon lenses for us to use for now. So it's back to the 50 mm zoom. It will take a long while before we can purchase a fancier once again. Sigh.

On a happier note, I won three red ribbons at the Fair. I was not expecting to, as last year I have stiff competition and came in third. I submitted Mom's Fairy Castle silhouette lantern, my Bottlecap Fairies & the pendant I made Sara. The categories were "Something creative made from a Mason Jar, Something recycled & Homemade Jewelery." Caelah was supposed to submit under the Junior photography department: "May Pet," but her distracted mother didn't get the photos developed on time. . .

Caelah started ballet on Monday, and loved it. I drove all over the city that day to get her tights in the exact right shade of pink. And her short hair required 45 pins, plus loads of hairspray to stay in a bun. But she would say it was all worth it.

Because Caelah has begun to work independently, I have been back to cooking and baking new recipes. The week's successes:

And, in keeping with the pear theme:
::Pear & Cabbage Slaw::