Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Moving from the city to the country was not the easiest transition for me, mostly because I like to have easy access to the places I love. Out here, I have settled into a different pattern of living: we stay close to home more often, but when we do explore, we have to commit to being gone most of the day. In this way, I have found quite a few treasure troves. Burnstown is one of them. I discovered it a few years ago, but that was back when I had two fewer children. We finally found our way back there thanks to Karin, who mentioned there was a great beach. The Fosters have been our most faithful day trip companions. They are always willing to join in the craziness of our life. This trip was no exception.
Such a beautiful place. Small, but full of good things. While the kids played in the water, and on the fortress-of-a-play structure, Kar and I got to explore. {I made the mistake of trying out that slide, and scraped the skin off of several parts of my body.} Burnstown revolves around their art community. There are several galleries along the main strip. Now, there is also a coffee shop called Neat that roasts it's own beans. They also hosts live music a few times a month. We will be back!