Sunday, July 10, 2011

::Neutel Family Reunion 2011::

Our yearly trip to the Neutel family Reunion means so much to all of us that we are all grieving our early arrival home. It is a truly beautiful family I have married into. So, instead of heading up early Saturday morning I begged Aidan to take some time off work so we could arrive Friday night. In hindsight, I am so glad we did. Because by the time Saturday came to a close two of our kids had fully developed cases of the chicken pox. {Three kids down, two to go.}

Caelah and Gabriel walked around bleary eyed and abnormally subdued. By dinner they were covered head to toe in itchy bumps. "Mom, I'd really appreciate sleeping in my own bed." Oh! How could we not go! We packed up in less than an hour. A warm crowd of family sent us off with hugs and kisses. Uncle Harry invited us back up again in late summer to make up for time lost. That sounds good to me.