Tuesday, June 08, 2010


omen are beautiful creations, but some artists capture that beauty better than others. I have been exploring art a little of late and came across John Waterhouse. I am familiar with the painting of Psyche Entering Cupid's Garden, above. It has been hanging on my wall for years. But he has painted so many more stunning works--mostly of women. He must have esteemed them, to capture them as he did. I hope to read some biographies on his life in future, but have only learned, thus far, that he was inspired by myth and classical history.

I think I am drawn to paintings from this era because of the way women are portrayed. They look so. . . healthy. And they appear so essentially feminine. Rounded curved, long hair, rosy cheeks. In my current frenzy to harness my body and drop weight, it does my heart good to see the beauty in the softer, less sculpted female body.