Wednesday, May 19, 2010

::God Books::

My elder once told me that he and his wife instituted a family rule that only God books were to be read on Sundays. At the time, I thought that was rigid and unnecessary. But I have come to desire more excellent ways, whether they are required or not. I have been created a booklist for myself. I will not share it in its entirety, as it will only lead to disagreement. But these are books I have always wanted to read. Or feel I should read in order to dialogue with friends and neighbours in a new way. Some of my picks are:

"How Should We Then Live?" Francis Schaeffer
"Confessions" Augustine
"Through the Gates of Splendor" Elisabeth Elliot
"The Pursuit of God" Tozer
"The Holiness of God" Sproul
"The God Who is There" Schaeffer
"The Practice of the Presence of God" Brother Lawrence
"Chosen by God" Sproul
"Life Together" Bonhoeffer

The usual suspects. But there are many others. . .

I would like for you all to leave me a list of your top five God books--and yes, the Bible goes without saying.

I will add them to the list.