Thursday, March 18, 2010

::The Log Farm::

nother trip to the sugar bush. This time we gave The Log Cabin a try. Aidan tells me this is an NCC property--a heritage site. It is very rustic and charming. I found the lack of polish and structure very appealing. Everything is self-guided. We wandered over to the Pancake House first and filled our bellies. The hash-browns were some of the best I have ever had. Then we hiked to the farm where there were animals wandering here and there, and museum-like displays of pioneering life. There was no staff about at all. It was a free-for-all.

The trail to the Sugar bush was rough. No stroller could possibly have made it the whole way. We set off with back-carriers and arm power. I am so glad Aidan was with me. He had two toddlers in his arms at one point. When we finally arrived we felt it was worth the muddy trek. There were stations that told the tale of how syrup is made. The kids were given buckets and sent to collect sap themselves. This was new to me. Even I found myself eagerly running to peek under each tin lid to see how much clear sap was pooling inside. All buckets were dumped directly into the tub to begin the boiling-off process. The sugar taffy at the end was a big hit, of course.

The walk back from the sugar bush was eventful. A few kids landed in the creek. But we made it. We enjoyed ourselves a lot but are not sure it is an affordable outing for a family of seven. This year we had two children under 3. Someday we would easily be asked to pay $90 for the family to eat and tour. So I would recommend a trip to The Log Farm to smaller families but would suggest bigger groups head out of the city.