Saturday, July 04, 2009


For weeks Aidan has been shuffling things around in the downstairs freezer. Elaine drove down from Kingston to celebrate our birthdays--a month early. She came all the way out to pick me up, even though it would have made more sense to meet her at the restaurant. Reservations were early: for 5:30. I was encouraged to dress up. Aidan was overly accommodating when we asked him to get off work early. Aidan hollered, "come back to me by 8:00," from the porch as we drove away. Restaurant banter touched upon babies and showers on more than one occasion. Elaine was very anxious to get the bill. Elaine seemed eager to head home due to "stomach pain."

So many clues.
They are easy to spot, looking back. But none of them helped me at all. I saw the cars spilling out of our driveway, and the balloons strung on the mailbox. And even then, I couldn't guess what the occasion could be. I was utterly baffled.

A baby shower? For me? But why? I'm only supposed to get one!
I guess my friends and family disagreed. My darling sister gathered the troops and filled my house with people I loved, all bearing meals to pack my freezer and clothes to adorn my new little girl. Tiny shoes and frilly bloomers. Handmade crib sheets, blankets and tiny outfits. Pink, pink, PINK! I was so thrilled to get my hands on all the girlie items I refused to indulge in with Caelah.

As is often the case, my heart only became truly touched once the house was empty and quiet once more. I noticed the small touches: the bud vases spread throughout the house filled with flowers in the shades I love most. The candles burning here and there. The food wrapped and waiting in the fridge and freezer. Even a beautiful loaf especially for tomorrow's breakfast. Oh! So much love. So much care and thoughtfulness.

My little sister tired herself out for me. She came and went with loads of supplies: lanterns, pretty napkins, games and prizes, candies and cake. . .


Near-spoiler #1: Aidan had worked hard to keep our freezer somewhat empty these past weeks in order to accommodate the meals Kate had told him would be coming. However, the morning of the shower I happened to head to Costco and came back with a trunk brimming with groceries. Including 11 loaves of bread... Hey, I like to plan ahead! When Aidan opened the trunk and groaned, I assumed it was because he was worried about our budget.

Near-spoiler #2: I was prepared for a girl's night out. I was not at all on track with eating and returning home by 7:30. I tried to drag Elaine all over Chapters after leaving the restaurant. Her "stomach ache" was brought on out of a panicked need to get me home!

Surprises rarely work out, but this party was completely unexpected.
Proof: I wore no makeup!