Wednesday, April 01, 2009

::Monkey faces etc.::

So, a few months ago we were part of a photo shoot for
No, we didn't seek this out. We aren't CRAZY!
It turns out that a friend heard that the magazine was doing a feature on first homes, and they needed a big-ish, rural family. She put our names in and we got a call.

The process was painless. Two guys came by in December and goofed around with our kids. They set up complicated lighting all over and Click-Click-CLICKED away. There were a few hiccups. The boys didn't want to sit still, of course. And Isaiah smashed a glass water pitcher all over the floor at one point. But the photographers patiently waited it out.

Our photo appeared in this month's Ottawa Magazine.
I still haven't got a copy, but Remi posted his photos on his blog:

As you can see, it is not a polished picture. Aidan has a rip in his slipper. And Remi wanted Elijah to make a goofy face-he was happy to oblige. But, hey, we're in a magazine!
Very fun.