Monday, March 16, 2009

::Basement Door::

Oh, the little things...
The unexpected blessing of finishing a house slowly is the magnified thrill each new step provides. As of last Saturday, our scary basement stairs have a door. This is a timely development, as Isaiah is beginning to toddle.

Thought had to be put into this door. It swings out into our main living area, so will never be able to rest open. However, with the basement in mind for a future playroom, we didn't like the idea of having the kids closed off without a way of keeping an ear open. So, I came up with a compromise: a door with a window. There are fun options for the opening. I may hang some decorative shutters that can open and close. I may string up some french fabric as a curtain... Decisions for another day.

My inspiration for the door style came from doors such as these:

While hinges such as the ones on cathedral doors and ancient sheep gates are not within our means, the simple black hinges and defined wood shapes make the door look like it was meant to: a glorified farmhouse door.

As always, I am amused to look back at my old sketches and find that I have followed through with my visions so closely: